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That's the truth.  They simply don't care and don't want to understand us and our family. Because we have no money.  If we had money they would roll over backwards for us.  Still think a civil suit would be nice against the 3 brat club Sunday school Teachers.  No room at the Inn.

Ubi Caritas

Society isn't usually good about those who don't fit in. 

Auties do get a bit of getting-used-to; some of the behaviors are certainly unusual.  Still, one would hope (from the people listed in particular) for patience and kindness--and if they are unfamiliar with autism and its behavioral manifestations, a willingness to learn.

Sigh.  I wish that we all attended the same church and that I could either teach Josh or be a sort of assistant for him. 

As it is, there isn't really anything I can do beyond hoping that that peace which passes all understanding be with you, Gale, Josh and Gracie.


[this is good] Oh Ubi!

You're awesome!

 I think, that one day, we will have to visit this place they call "Cowtown" and wonder into a bookstore and ask if there are any books about a famous opera singer named Ubi Caritas!

At any rate, if I haven't already said it, I will say it again.  Thank you, Ubi Caritas

Ubi Caritas

By all means, come visit cowtown sometime and I shall give you, Fightinggale and the rugrats The Grand Tour of my adopted city. 

Now if we could figure out some sort of performance venue for the both of us, that would really be fantastic.


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