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Ubi Caritas

[this is good]

Reminds me of some of the exercises popular with the Big Diva, who is my voice teacher and was the other Texas diva's first voice teacher.  One exercise involves opening and closing the mouth in a manner very reminiscent of "mentally deficient goldfish" repeatedly.  This is to loosen up the jaw/find a good space in the back of the throat, etc, but it is also very good for getting odd looks from the rest of the world. 

(Bonus points if the tongue is hanging partly out of the goldfish-imitator's mouth to get the muscles at the base of the tongue to relax.)

Let us know how the horn comes along!  It's one of my favorite instruments, and "The Trumpet Shall Sound" from Messiah is my favorite part of the whole work!



[this is good] Thanx, Ubi!  Yeah, I like that part of the Messiah too(along with a whole bunch more as well; so many of them, ya know! lol!)

I have pick up some Canadian Brass too; maybe some Empire Brass as well.  They came by APSU one year and did a master class.  They were pretty cool!

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